About us


We not only supply complete new technologies but also perform reconstructions of existing technological units.


Our goal is to work in a modern, precise manner and to be the one who brings innovation, not just uses it.

Professional team

AICRA s.r.o was founded in 2020 by three graduates of Cybernetics and Robotics from CTU in Prague.

Development of electrical switchboards

Among other things, we are developing our own DSPs, including measuring devices and sensors. We manufacture power and control cabinets according to our own and customer electrical projects. The deliveries include components from renowned manufacturers. It is a matter of course to ensure continuous service and further development of control systems.


We are one of the first users of the SkySpark analytical platform. We actively participate in the development of modeling tools for the management and analysis of building operations. Using this platform, we can efficiently analyze your device’s data and, in the case of more complex tasks, develop tools directly for your application.

Business partnership

Our main partners are Beckhoff and Schneider Electric.

Our services portfolio is vast.

We will be happy to participate in the implementation of your project.

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If you are interested in our service or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via the form below.
Or you can contact us directly via e-mail info@aicra.cz.